Saturday, August 16, 2008

What words cause gmail to not display any ads?

I've noticed that email messages that include the word "funeral" trigger gmail to not display any ads. What other words result in this behavior?


Anonymous said...

Gmail does not display any ads on Outlook either. To utilize this feature, click on the "outlook" icon on your desktop. If this methodology is confusing, just google "how to start microsoft outlook" to find numerous well-documented ways to both start and use outlook. Hope this helps. If you need any help programming google or Word, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

That is quite disturbing. When my cousin Ron passed away several months ago, I notified friends and family via gmail. I was under the impression that the shock of the news of Ron's premature death would be somewhat softened by clever internet ads with links to online savings. Sounds like gmail didn't deliver.

Anonymous said...

Other words that Gmail does not display ads for:
- scrubbing bubbles
- rice pudding
- hand to hand combat
- myopic

Fortunately, I'm rarely emailing about hand to hand combat, but I'm a little disappointed that my rice puddin' emails aren't going thru with ads as intended.
Thanks Gmail.