Saturday, October 3, 2015

Don't lose your crontab

I use Fedora on my home server, and I maintain /home as a separate filesystem, which I backup.  When I upgrade to new Fedora versions, I do a full reinstall using kickstart, keeping the /home filesystem intact.

The one thing that I want to preserve across upgrades that is not kept in /home is my crontab, which lives in /var/spool/cron.  Occasionally I would forget to grab a copy of my crontab before upgrading, and then I'd be sad.

It finally occurred to me that I should keep an up-to-date copy of my crontab in my home directory.  And what better way to do that than with cron itself.  Here's what I have in my crontab now:

00 03 * * * /bin/crontab -l > $HOME/.crontab-${USER}-backup

Now I always have a recent backup of my crontab in my home directory, and I never have to worry about losing it during an upgrade.

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