Thursday, November 6, 2008


I occasionally use Google SMS to check sports scores or flight info, but its query ability is limited to a few topic areas that it knows how to process. Today I checked on an Indianapolis-based startup that I've followed over the years. It's called ChaCha and it's at ChaCha uses human guides as part of its search processing, so you can send conversational free-form questions.

The interesting thing is that they now specialize in mobile searches. You simply text your question to CHACHA (242242), and you'll get a reply. This is much more flexible than Google SMS, because you can ask anything. It's basically like calling a friend and asking them to quickly research a question for you.

For example, you could text this to ChaCha: "Does everyone in Minnesota like chocolate pudding pops?"

Anyway, give ChaCha a try.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting info on ChaCha. As you suggested, I posted the question regarding chocolate pudding pops to try it out. ChaCha responded as follows:

"It's puddin'. Not pudding. Puddin'."